TY Activity - Bowling and Ping Pong

The KCC Transition Year Group went to Cork for a day of Bowling and Ping Pong on Tuesday 7 February. It turned out to be a fun but very competitive day as the title of “Master of The Bowling Lane” was to be gained

The contestants on Lane 1 (Gabriel, Jamie, Ms. McCarthy and Klaus) really pushed each other to their maximum levels. Even Jamie who claimed to have no hand eye coordination shot constantly high scores and Gabriel in his very understated manner produced several strikes and spares to finish as the highest scoring student, even 15 points ahead of Ms McCarthy.

On Lane 2 Cillian O Donoghue was clearly the ruler of the lane with 3 strikes.  Killian B., Ralfs, Akvile and Chloe rolled some great rounds but could not catch up with Cillian.

And then there was Lane 3. A slightly different approach was practised here. Katie, Luke, Jordan and Rayna had a very leisurely round including the double handed – backwards through the legs throw. Hence the results were just about a Foundation pass. However plenty of fun was had.

Next stop: Table Tennis – Once Klaus outlined that the athletes were not supposed to fight each other with the table tennis bats some very competitive matches evolved. Jordan turned out to be the strongest contender nearly beating Klaus in a battle of the Giants. Well – nearly.

Akvile and Luke enjoyed their very first game of Ping Pong ever and took to it quickly. Igor also showed off some wicked playing style. Rounded off with a lovely lunch this was an all-round wonderful sporty day out!