Talk on Neuro Developmental Therapy

Venue: Killarney Community College Library

Date: Tuesday 21st March @ 7.30pm

Does your child have difficulty with any of the following –

Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)

Coordination/Balance Difficulties (Dyspraxia)

Behavioural/Social Difficulties (ADD/ADHD/ Aspergers)

Under achieving at school


Adverse reaction to noise

Laura Hatton is a qualified Neuro Developmental and Sound Therapist in Co. Cork.

She will give a talk on how some regular simple movements can help the above named difficulties and how listening to specially designed CDs can eliminate adverse reaction to sound and allow the child to focus better on learning. The talk is organised by Ciaran Gallagher Home School Liaison Co-ordinator in Killarney Community. Ciarán has trained in NDT Therapy and is hoping to raise awareness of its benefits in our schools.