Green School's Update

It is proving another busy year for the Killarney Community College environmentalists. Last year we began work on our Green Flag for Energy, and with our plan in place and some actions completed, we hit the ground running in September. 

One of our first tasks was to organise the Energy Day of Action, held in October. We decided early on the Pedal Energy experience, so that as well as being informative, there was an energetic element to the event. Students had to cycle in order to generate enough energy to run the multimedia presentation! And proving that there is no such thing as a free lunch, smoothies were provided at lunchtime… if you could generate enough pedal energy to make your own! 

Meanwhile, LCA and TY students are engaging with the Tidy Towns and Killarney Looking Good, taking part in the community litter routine, and making wooden bird boxes which will be donated to the town when completed. 

On March 30th, our fruit and nut orchard was planted, with support from Tidy Towns, Kerry County Council and under the expert horticultural guidance of Niamh Ní Dhuill from Transition Kerry. We planted 15 trees including varieties of plum, apple, quince, pear, walnut and hazelnut. As we know from our roles in education, planting is only the beginning. The real investment is in the long term care and nurture, and the joy is in watching the tree grow to its full height and yielding rich fruit.

And, much to our great delight we have been approved for our Energy Flag!