Rapunzel has audiences in Raptures!

Killarney Community College’s Christmas Panto Rapunzel had the audience “Dancing on the Ceiling for two nights. In true panto style the children in the audiences really got into the spirit of the moment with excited cries of “Behind you” and “Oh no she’s not!” On stage the sheer professionalism of this young cast dazzles a fairy-dust struck audience.  Under the direction of Killarney Community College teachers Mike Lynch, Joanna Hughes, Denise O’Sullivan and Mary Fuller many of these first-time actors showed us that there are plenty successors to Michael Fassbender in Killarney!

Every panto needs a goodie and a baddie.  Emma Lynch as Rapunzel dripped goodness and all things nice ably romanced by the prince of cool Ethan McKeon. On stage Lena Wildhirt as Gothel strutted the boards with evil intent, you could hear a pin drop and the beating hearts of frightened kids. Laughs came thick and fast when Grainne O’Sullivan was on stage as “The Dame” and her double entendres had adults and children in knots. Liam Waldron, as the Captain of the Guard, was her perfect foil and the chemistry between them sizzled. Abbi O’ Mahoney as Queen Gertrude shone majestically especially in songs such as “You don’t own me”. She was ably supported by her Royal Highness Jeffrey played by Sasha Furlong.

Fairy Flora was poetic and Julie Aleksejenko must be commended for sparkling magic on all of us. Curly and Bob played by Kim O’Brien and Caoimhe Fleming were so good at slapstick circus-style mayhem that if Fossetts ever needed a pair of clowns they should talk to their agent now! Frankie was played with aplomb by Carmel Looney. Her exchanges with the Prince and The Dame will live long in the memory. Special mention also to the three secretaries, Gracie, Lacie and Macie played by Brian Kelliher, Shenice Good and Chantelle O’Sullivan.

The music was sensational, everything from “Fever” to “Ghostbusters” and “Christmas Carols” sung to perfection. The choreography was also a delight and a special mention to our sister school “Two Mile Community School” for the contribution made by Robert, Andrew, Setanta, Cailean, Holly, Rebecca, Aoife and Erica. When the Curtain descended on this epic production the crowd rose in unison – Rapunzel had had us in raptures! According to Principal Stella Loughnane “at this Christmas time of year there is nothing more festive than a panto. What makes this panto more festive and more special is the hard work and dedication of the staff and students who have worked tirelessly for months on end. The talent, the originality, the willingness to give of their time, has contributed so much to the life of the school.

It was a pleasure to welcome the primary school children to our Monday Matinee Show. For those who attended on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, I hope they had a wonderful night, the cast and crew of this two hour extravaganza deserved the rapturous applause and standing ovations they received.”

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