College Awareness Week Nov 2019

College Awareness Week in Killarney Community College ​11th to 15th November 2019

All of the students in the college will be fortunate enough to learn more about their perspective careers during our upcoming'College Awareness Week'.

Some of the events include: 

*One to one sessions for all 6th years (Sept to Nov)​

*College talks from UCC 14th November​

*Hear Workshops on 14th November + Parents​

*IT Tralee 5th and 6th years and LCA’s 1 & 2 talk ​

*Posters Competition re Career investigation for Junior Cycle students (11th -15th Nov)​

*Career Decision Making Testing 2018 - 5th Years (13th+15th Nov)​

*CAO session – Leaving Certs (11th Nov)​

*Portfolio and Interview sessions for Leaving Certs (12th Nov)​

*Careers and College Stand for all students (11th – 15th Nov)​

*Stress management and study Planning Prep 3rd & 6th years (11th Nov)​

*Study skills with first yrs 2nd yrs in sphe classes​

*Return Leaving Certs to talk to LC’s and LCA’s​

*Access 21 speakers into 5th and 6th yrs​

*Liebherr speakers visiting the college 

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