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Graffiti Workshop

This week, First and Second year students in Killarney Community College had the great opportunity to take part in Graffiti Workshops as part of the UCC Plus+ Programme. Graffiti is a professional theatre company which specialised in making exciting theatre for children and young people. Outreach facilitators included Mr. Fionn Woodhouse, Mr. Aiden O'Brien and Ms. Donna Keeley.The main aims of the workshop was to remind students that they have started a journey, to help them to become aware of their potential, to encourage them to aim for success in their lives, to make them aware that they need to take responsibility for their own success/failure and to explore the idea of "contracting in" to their education. Students participated in activities to involve the fore mentioned aims. The UCC PLUS+ Programme seeks to target students and to provide motivational and educational assistance to them throughout their secondary schooling to enhance their ability to compete for third level places.  Students took part in many group activities and reflecting on their own aims and goals in their education. Killarney Community College is delighted to be linked to the programme. 

Picture includes:
Back L-R: Ms. Fiona O’Brien (Principal), Ms. Donna Keeley, Katie Healy, Trevor O’Shea, Mr. Aiden O’Brien
Front L- R: Darren O’Connor, Katie Gaffey

Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty Essay Competition Winner

Klaudia Chamera (15), a third year student in Killarney Community College won the 2nd Level Schools Essay Competition as part of the Hugh O’Flaherty commemorative celebrations. Klaudia based her essay on the very serious issue of Bullying and how Monsignor O’Flaherty’s bravery has inspired her to stand up against bullying.  In Klaudia’s words “we shall all stop hating, start respecting each other’s feelings and become more responsible for our own actions, just as Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty did”.
Mrs. Mary Fuller her 3rd year English Teacher said the class watched the film “The Scarlet and the Black” and all were deeply moved by it. This is a fantastic achievement for Klaudia and she has inspired others to reflect on humanitarian issues”.  Klaudia’s essay is currently on display in Killarney Library.

November News at KCC

3rd Year C.S.P.E. Action Project

3rd Year C.S.P.E. Action Project along with their teacher Ms. Mahony who collected and and donated money towards the Shoe Box Appeal Team Hope. Well done to all!


1 Domhnall Enterprise Class - YOLOS

YOLOS was a mini company set up by 1 Domhnall students along with their teacher Ms. K. McCarthy. Over 11 weeks the students learnt about entrepreneurship and how to set up their own mini company. You obviously love our sweets (YOLOS) was ...chosen as the company name. Market Research was carried out with teachers and students in the school along with market research in Killarney Town. Students fulfilled different roles throughout the company. Products were on sold in the school assembly.  Demand was high so all investors were delighted with their share of the profits.


3rd Year Car Wash in aid of the Donal Walsh Foundation with their teacher

Ms. D. O'Sullivan

3rd Year Car Wash November 2013


3rd Year English Class who visited the Hugh O'Flaherty statue with their teacher Ms. Fuller

3rd Year Students November 2013


4th Year L.C.V.P. students who visited Liebherr with their teachers Ms. Kissane and Ms. O'Leary

4th Year L.C.V.P. trip to Liebherr

Alex recognised as a High Achiever in Higher Level Maths Junior Cert Exam

As a result of his outstanding results in Junior Certificate Higher Level Maths in 2013, Alexander Mantle, was identified by the State Examinations Commission as a high achiever in Maths.  He was selected to take part in the "Irish Beaver Computing Contest" which is part of the "International Bebras Computing Contest". According to Mr. Mike Lynch "It came as no surprise that Alex was selected for this contest.  He has always shown particular interest and aptitude in Maths.  He even decided to enter in the senior category despite qualifying for a younger age category, which shows his determination to challenge himself.  It is great to see students being rewarded for academic talents and I would hope that Alex's selection will increase the profile of maths in our school". 

Alex Mantle 4th Year

Picture includes L - R: Mr. Mike Lynch (Maths Teacher), Alexander Mantle, Ms. Fiona O'Brien (Principal)


On Tuesday November 20th 2013, the Science Department experienced a touch of magic when the Science Magic Show run by the University of Limerick visited the school. The title of the show was ‘Big and Bold, Hot and Cold’ and it was run by Ms. Beulah McManus, a PhD student in the University of Limerick. The purpose of the show is to promote chemistry as a subject to those classes which will be making subject choices for the Leaving Certificate and so our four 3rd year groups attended a 40 minute show each.
Students were treated to such tricks setting themselves on fire, burning money, freezing balloons and flowers with liquid nitrogen and turning water into wine and making water disappear! ‘’The students made for a great audience and they thoroughly enjoyed the show, finding it to be both fun and educational, the perfect combination!’’ said Head of Science, Mr. Seán O Connell.

The show was part of the schools current JCSP Science initiative and the funds for the show came from the JCSP. The science department wishes to thank Ms. Denise O Sullivan, the school’s JCSP coordinator, who made the funds available to us.

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