All pupils in Killarney Community College enjoy the benefits of Physical Education, with each class having two classes every week for P.E.

All students are encouraged to develop a healthy and active lifestyle. Exercise is important and we aim to show students how it can be part of everyone’s lives. We acknowledge that whilst many students enjoy the element of competition that comes from playing in a team, some students simply wish to take part in sport for fun and fitness. The school provides a variety of sporting activities for boys and girls, both competitive and recreational. Also during the course of the year, pupils experience a wide range of activities, from all the major field and net games to Orienteering, Aquatics and Athletics.

Emphasis is also placed on Health Education and Hygiene.

KCC boasts a full sized football pitch, two outdoor courts and a modern indoor hall.  We have a Modern Indoor Hall which means that there are ample facilities for PE classes to be unaffected by bad weather. Our multi-purpose hall is available for use by all students with excellent changing facilities also available.

We encourage all our students to get involved in extra-curricular activities and we provide them with ample opportunities in a wide range of sports at lunchtime and after school. 

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