In recent years, the sport of basketball has been thriving not only in Killarney but in Kerry as a whole and it is very much a community effort between clubs and schools. At Killarney Community College we are delighted to offer student’s further opportunity to develop their basketball skills outside of PE class, through competitive basketball at a range of levels. 


The school competes in 1st Year Boys and Girls, 2nd Year Boys and Girls, Cadette Boys and Girls and Senior Boys and Girls competitions. These games not only give the students the chance to test their skills but to also meet and interact with basketballers across a range of schools in Kerry and beyond. For students who play club basketball outside of the school setting, playing games against their club teammates are always great encounters. 


For the past number of years Killarney Community College has excelled in offering their students one of the best experiences for any budding basketballer - the chance to be coached by an American player.  The American basketballers who play for the local Killarney team, St. Pauls, offer their skills and guidance to the students of Killarney Community College, during their after school sessions on Wednesdays, a weekly session which the students thoroughly enjoy!


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