Parents Information

The following information is intended to create a happy environment for all members of the School community.


How important is Attendance & Punctuality?

The College places a high priority on attendance and punctuality and is very proactive in encouraging full attendance.

  • All attendance and lates are tracked and inputted into the school data system. This enables the College to print out a comprehensive list for attendance and punctuality for each student. This is sent to parents on a quarterly basis with the mid-term exam results.
  • If students reach 15 days absence, parents/guardians will be notified by letter of this occurrence.
  • A further letter will be sent out to parents/guardians when they have missed 20 days of school.
  • Those students who reach 20 days absence will be tracked on a daily basis with Parents/guardians being notified by phone call or text message if their child has failed to attend school.

* Note * Absences slips can be found on the back of the Journal and must be filled in and signed by a parent/guardian on return to school.

If for any reason a student must leave the College premises during school time that student must be collected by a parent/guardian. A note/phone call will not suffice.


Must students wear a School Uniform?

The purpose of the school uniform is to ensure equity and have uniformity of dress amongst the student body.

  • All students are asked to wear the full uniform at all times. Alternative clothes should be worn when participating in games classes.
  • Uniform for All Students: College Jumper, grey trousers, or alternatively the tartan skirt for girls & grey shirt. The correct form of this uniform must be bought from Pat Quill, Killarney. Students must also wear black shoes and black socks.
  • Students are advised to purchase a second full uniform in September. This enables students to look smart at all times and overcomes the problem of the incorrect uniform being worn if mishaps occur.

Why is the School Journal important?

The Journal is compulsory and must be in a student possession at all times.

  • It is an important document and must be used for recording homework.
  • All students have a study plan in their journal.
  • The Journal must be signed and dated by a teacher if a student leaves class to use the toilet.
  • There are perforated absence slips at the back of the journal.
  • These are to be filled in by parent/guardian if you miss a school day.
  • The journal is to be used for late/uniform stamps and messages to/from home.
  • Class tutors and subject teachers will check the journal regularly to ensure it is neat and homework is recorded accurately.

Parents are requested to sign the journal once a week to monitor their child’s progress. If a student mislays the journal he/she must report the loss to their Tutor. The tutor will arrange for the purchase of a new College Journal.


Is there a School Canteen?

The College canteen is open in the morning from 8:20am until 8:50am. Students can avail of breakfast (toast, cereal, fruit & tea) before starting the school day. This service is free of charge.

The canteen opens at 11:00-11:15am for small break and 1:10-1:30pm for lunch break. Hot and cold drinks, rolls and confectionary are for sale at these times.

All food must be consumed in the general purpose area. This is to reduce rubbish being left around the College building.


Can students use a mobile phone?

Where mobile phones are necessary, students are expected to have them switched off at all times and out of sight during the school day except during small break and lunch break. The use of video/camera phones is totally prohibited.

Outside of these times the phone will be confiscated and kept in the office for one week. The phone must then be collected by a parent/guardian.


Will all students get a Locker?

Lockers are supplied for students use and may be rented from the College. Students must provide their own lock & key. It is at the discretion of the teacher how the lockers are allocated.


Out of Bounds

To ensure adequate supervision occurs at break times students may only access certain areas of the college grounds. Out of bounds areas will be specified by the college.


Chewing Gum

Gum is prohibited as it potentially destroys furniture, carpet, shoes, clothes and hair.



Every student and staff member in Killarney Community College has a right to learn and work in a safe environment. Members of staff accept a collective responsibility, under the direction of management, to act in preventing bullying/ aggressive behaviour by any member of the College. The College also recognises the important role of the parent/guardian in monitoring their child’s social & moral development. Through an increased awareness of the potential damaging effects of bullying Killarney Community College has developed supportive strategies for the prevention of such behaviour.


Book Rental Scheme 

The College Operates a book Rental Scheme. This has been welcomed by students & parents as the burden of costs for books for books can be spread over 3 years at junior cycle. The System is run electronically where payments & book issuing is recorded centrally through a computerised Bar coding system.


Lunchtime Activities

All students are encouraged to take part in Lunchtime Activities. There's something there for everyone!


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