OCTOBER School News 2019

Monday 14th October 2019 - Open Night

Open Night 2019 – Killarney Community College

Killarney Community College opened its doors to the community on Monday 14th October. The large volume of parents and students through the door at 6:30pm was magnificent. The smell of freshly baked cupcakes wafted through the assembly area from the Home Economics room as everyone experienced all the various subject areas and modern facilities. Science rooms experimented with light and students also got to witness and take part in the dissection of hearts, kidneys and livers. The practical rooms displayed beautiful creations made by our students. The grand piano echoed sweet music from the general purpose area throughout the evening. Our music students showcased their talents while rehearsing for the upcoming Pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The PE Department showcased the method of assessment that is now used in the Short Course in Junior Cycle. Students demonstrated their gymnastic abilities while Ms. Maher explained to the parents how this assessment is recorded and graded using the Colleges new ICT devices. Resource area three was a hive of activity with students demonstrations of the Vex Robotics designed and coded by our students. All subjects were on display with teachers talking to parents and students about different aspects of their particular subject.


Principal Stella Loughnane in her address explained how Killarney Community College is a very progressive school, highlighting the curricular development in Computer Coding in the new Junior Cycle, and the colleges involvement as a consultation school for the new Senior Cycle among other areas. Mrs. Loughnane went on to explain how the school provides excellent learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities alike. She explained to parents the high level of results achieved by our recent Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle students.

Killarney Community College fully embraces new technologies and has recently implemented the innovative computer system Microsoft 365 which is helping the students be prepared for the future world of learning and work. Currently students are communicating on a daily basis with their teachers through Microsoft 365. Parents on the night commented on the ease of movement around the school and the very obvious rapport between teachers and students including the warmth and caring environment that is a hallmark of Killarney Community College. Overall Monday night was a wonderful success due to the hard work and dedication of the management and staff of the college.

Look at our Facebook page for images of the night.


Friday 4th October 2019 - Junior Certificate Results

We were delighted to celebrate our fantastic Junior Cert results with our students and staff. There was a real sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as students opened up their brown envelopes to reveal their results. They exceeded expectations. We are proud of all our students achievements and we hope they are a stepping stone towards even greater success in their respective Leaving Cert programmes. A special mention for all the parents who guided, nurtured and gently prodded their sons or daughters into doing so well. Enjoy the weekend, celebrate safely and responsibly. Pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

Friday 4th October 2019 - House System Leaderboard

Another fantastic, colour and fun-filled day was had on Wednesday in KCC.  Our 5 House Groups dressed up in their colours for our annual 5k Run/Walk. The following points were awarded:

Best Fundraisers:

1st Sean Daly (Titan)

2nd Stephanie Carey (Titan)

Joined 3rd Karen O'Donoghue, Amy O'Donoghue, Shauna Edwards

Fastest Runners Junior

Girls Boys

1st Aoibhinn Gleeson (Gael) Michael Fitzgerald(Viking)

2nd Tamika Heaphy (Celt) Aidan Courtney (Spartans)

3rd Leyla Abdurahmanova (Spartan) Darragh Murphy (Viking)

Fastest Runners Senior

1st Caoimhe Fleming (Titan) Burim (Celt)

2nd Neidin O Sullivan (Titan) Stefan Lejtrar (Gael)

3rd Shauna Edwards (Ttian) Max (Viking)

There were complaints by teachers that ran the distance as if their life depended on it and not received any points for their house. So a big call out especially to Ms Duggan (hip hip hooray) But final call is no extra points given, get over it and move on!

Best fancy Dress

1st Leah McDonnel (Gael)

2nd Amy Healy (Gael)

3rd Katelyn Nolan (Celt)

4th Natalia Leanne (Titan)

5th Karolina Gunia (Viking)

So the Titans ran away with it this year and took an overwhelming lead ahead of the Celts and Gaels, while Vikings and Spartans are tactically waiting in the long grass and plan to creep up the table over the whole year. Remember: It is not a Sprint – it is a Marathon.


Thursday 3rd October 2019 - TY Business Class

"On Thursday, Ms. McKenna’s TY Business/Mini-Company class had a talk on how to turn your hobby into a business. Veronika set up her business ‘Jumping in Kerry’ over 2 years ago where she runs adult Jumping Fitness classes and more recently has started teen and kids classes. Veronika spoke about the challenges she has faced, the funding and costs required to set up and run a business, the crucial role social media plays in promoting her classes and the importance of constantly upskilling and educating yourself in order to run the best business possible. She spoke about how you need to be “a little bit crazy and naïve” to start your own business because it is hard work but in the end it is worth it because you get to do what you love every day. No doubt the TY’s learned a lot from the talk and hopefully will put some of this into practice when they create and run their own mini-companies over the following months. If anyone is interested in learning more about Jumping Fitness classes, have a look at the social media pages for ‘Jumping in Kerry’ or contact Veronika at 083 8771386."

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 - Annual Walk/Fun Run

In perfect weather conditions, the school's annual walk/fun run took place across the road in the stunning surrounds of the National Park.  Runners from all years and houses dusted off their trainers to run the picturesque and challenging route.  Others simply dressed up in their house colours and enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the park basking in glorious sunshine.  There were house points up for grabs for runners and best fancy dressed participants.  There were also prizes for those who raised the most money through their sponsorship cards.  A great day was had by all.  Every house gave all their points were assigned to the overall house competition.  Well done to Mr. Hehir's 5LCA class for organising the event and making sure everyone went the right way. Klaus hosted the award ceremony after the run where prizes and points were awarded for best dressed and fastest finishers.

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