Ceramic Tile Piece for Killarney Tidy Towns


On Wednesday 9th September three 6th Year art students, with their art teacher Ms M Mahony and SNA Doirin Duggan, went up to Chapel Lane in Killarney town to install a ceramic tile art piece they had created with their art class. This day was long awaited as the piece was ready to be place in its permanent location last March. However with school told to close because of lockdown the students had to wait until last week for all their amazing work to go on display.


The idea for the permanent art piece came from Killarney Tidy Towns seeing other amazing work the art department were doing on our social media. Eileen O’Donoghue from the Tidy Towns visited Ms Mahony in October 2019 to see would it be possible for the art students to create a piece to enhance a laneway in Killarney Town. This proposal was a huge privilege to the art department and work began straight away to create a piece. Ms Mahony drew up a design that would remain a surprise to the students until they completed the project. Each students was asked to create ceramic tiles using fresh clay and then after firing in a kiln they used ceramic glazes to paint the tiles. The students also had to leave some areas of their tiles completely blank and glaze that area white.


The project was greatly support by Doirin Duggan an SNA in the school who is also a ceramic artist. Doirin kindly gave of her time to help students make their tiles and also fired all the tiles in her own kiln. When all the tiles were complete the design was revealed to students as they arrived back to school last week. The overall design is based on a window in Muckross Abbey. The students had to create designs that reflected nature and their local environment. Each tile is an art piece in itself and makes up an overall visually striking image. The piece is now on permanent display in Chapel Lane. It is such an honour for the art students and the art department to have a piece placed in Killarney town to forever more enhance its surrounds. A huge thank you to a Killarney Tidy Towns for giving the art department such a unique opportunity and they look forward to working in some more similar art projects in the future.

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