Lunchtime Activities

Trad Group

A Traditional Music session takes place every Monday at lunchtime. Students are encouraged to take part and everyone is welcome. They perform throughout the year for school events.

Chess Club

Every Tuesday at lunchtime students can avail of the Chess Club. Students learn how to play chess in a fun environment with lots of competitive games.  Chess Club is open to all levels of ability. During the year there are different competitions including House Point competitions so student can help their house to earn valuable points and also tournaments with other schools are also arranged.


Choir practice takes place every week at lunchtime with Ms. Hughes. Students learn a variety of songs from different music genres and perform at school events. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation with Klaus takes place on Fridays in the Library. This group is open to all students. You will learn about different techniques to deal with stress and overwhelm, how to channel your thoughts to manage different situations and to tap into the potential of a joyful life. De-stress, unwind and relax before the weekend!

Science Club

Here at Killarney Community College we are very aware of the integral part that science plays in daily life. We offer our students further opportunity to delve into the worlds of biology, physics and chemistry as a hobby and interest through the school’s science club. Science club offers the students an opportunity to engage with their peers and explore ideas and concepts of science that are of particular interest to them. They can carry out investigations and experiments and discuss topics with the help of their science teacher during lunch time science club. They also get the opportunity to take their ideas further and enter competitions such as Scifest, the largest second-level STEM fair programme in Ireland.  


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