Code of Behaviour

The Code of Behaviour in Killarney Community College aims to:

  • Create a climate that encourages and reinforces good behaviour
  • Create a positive and safe environment for teaching and learning
  • Encourage students to take personal responsibility for their learning & behaviour
  • Help young people to mature into responsible participating citizens
  • Build positive relationships of mutual respect and mutual support among students, staff and parents
  • Ensure that the school’s high expectations for behaviour of all the members of the school community are widely known and understood

The Code of behaviour is:

  • Based on a rights and responsibility rationale
  • The college rules are seen as guidelines to promote a positive and caring community
  • Student Centred
  • Sets High expectations
  • Positive “Mol an Oige agus tiocfaidh siad”
  • Ten simple statements based on Mission Statement
  • Contract to be signed by student and parent in Journal CODE OF BEHAVIOUR



I Will

  • Respect my fellow students, school staff and visitors (Because I would wish to be treated with the same respect)
  • Not bring the name of Killarney Community College into disrepute & conduct myself appropriately (Because I respect Killarney Community College)



I Will

  • Be on time and prepared fully for class with my College journal, classroom materials & textbooks (Because I am responsible for my own learning)
  • Follow the instructions given by the teacher, be attentive at learning & enter all homework in my journal (Because I am at school to learn)
  • Have my mobile phone switched off at all times during class and only use my locker before and after school and at break times (Because it causes unnecessary disruption)
  • Observe all health and safety regulations (Because I have a right to a safe environment)
  • Confine eating and drinking to the general purpose area & place all litter in the appropriate bins provided (Because I would like to be taught in a clean environment)
  • Not possess or use prohibited substances including alcoholic drink, tobacco or other contraband substances within the school building, the school grounds or within the surrounding area of the College (Because it is bad for my health and the health of others)


I Will:

  • Wear my full school uniform at all times (except during PE/games) (Because it ensures equity among all students)
  • Promote equality and respect difference (Because I would like to be treated fairly and feel included in the school community)


The College operates a positive discipline system which endeavours to resolve breaches of the code of behaviour through conflict resolution and mediation. There is a range of sanctions that may be applied in certain situations, where the code of behaviour has been broken. The school management reserves the right to impose these sanctions where necessary. The school management may suspend immediately in exceptional circumstances ie. outright defiance, violence, threats to health and safety and abusive language.

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