Mission Statement

Excellence in Learning for Life 

through Respect, Responsibility and Inclusion


The Mission Statement was developed by all the school partners, students, staff, parents and Board of Management. It is a powerful statement calling on all of us to strive for excellence in our learning endeavours for life. It reminds us to work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect for all members of the school community.


In Killarney Community College, our aim is to:

  • Create a school community where each person is respected, valued and supported. 
  • Students, parents, teachers and management will endeavour to work together in partnership.
  • This partnership will help foster a supportive community where everyone has an opportunity to develop in a challenging, caring and happy environment.
  • The College aims to cater for the diverse needs of all students so that all can achieve their full potential in a fully inclusive environment.
  • All partners must realise that each and every one of us has responsibilities and rights for the well being of the school community. This is the rationale on which the Colleges rules and behaviour expectations are based. 
  • The role of the Colleges rules will be seen as guidelines to promote a positive and caring community. Parents are asked to assist the staff in helping our students to understand the values behind these rules.
  • Each student is encouraged to grow and takes increasing responsibility and ownership for his/her own life and education.


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