Guidance Counsellor

Guidance and Counselling is an integral part of the school’s educational provision. The Guidance and counselling service in Killarney Community College aims to provide for the personal and career development of each student. The services provided by the Guidance Counsellor encompass three main areas:

  • Educational Guidance: e.g. study skills, subject choice, coping with learning related difficulties.
  • Vocational/ Career Counselling: e.g. aptitude tests, provision of career information, decision making.
  • Personal Counselling: Students can meet with the Guidance Counsellor on a one to one basis. Students can self refer. School staff and parents/guardians are also welcome to contact the Guidance counsellor if they have concerns.

A referral service is available for students to Jigsaw / South West Counselling / GP / CAMHS through a consultation process with students and parents for those seeking ongoing support for specific mental health issues.

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