Home School Community Liaison Scheme (HSCL) & SCP

Our HSCL Co-ordinator is the link between the school, the home and the community.

  • The HSCL looks for ways to support parents and help them to remain involved in their child’s school life. 
  • The HSCL helps in the transition from Primary to Secondary School and explains or answers the questions that parents don’t always feel they can ask.
  • The HSCL is always on hand to give parents advice where possible and to listen to parents when school related problems arise. 
  • The HSCL organises classes for parents and encourages them to attend e.g. Project Maths for Parents. 
  • Parents play a vital role in the on-going education of their children and the HSCL helps parents to develop their potential in this area.

The scheme is not confined to within the school walls, the scheme co-ordinator makes as many home visits as possible throughout the year. In addition, the scheme builds bridges between the school and the many groups, organizations and agencies within the wider community. Such links include Local Family Resource Centres, Local Adult Literacy Centre, School Attendance Officer and many others.

 Remember, the HSCL Scheme is there for the benefit of you and your children, its success depends in large part on your input! So, if you have any ideas, concerns, opinions or requests, share them with us.

School Completion Programme

The School Completion Programme (SCP) aims to increase the numbers of children and young people staying in primary and second level school and in doing so improve the numbers of pupils who successfully complete the Senior Cycle, or equivalent.


The Programme provides a range of local interventions in schools and communities designed to support the retention of children and young people in education. It involves the targeting of in-school, after-school, out-of-school and holiday time supports towards children and young people who are at risk of disengagement and early school leaving. The SCP is a TUSLA, The Child and Family Agency, funded programme.


The desired impact of SCP is ‘the retention of a young person to completion of the Leaving Certificate, equivalent qualification or suitable level of educational attainment which enables them to transition into further education, training or employment.’

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